Community Growth Radio (CGR) offers News, Information, Community Programming that is very target-specific for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled, The 50 Plus, and Veterans by providing timely subjects from Health, Retirement, Finance that affect the above-intended audience. Plus offering Old Time Radio, Nostalgia, Book-Magazine and Newspaper Readings. 

CGR Radio has 2 streams that operate 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day. CGR Radio reaches a potential audience of 500,000 (by counting both streams, apps, and 3rd party broadcasters). The streams do work but may be blocked by firewalls in public places or offices. CGR 1 is more information-driven and CGR 2 does offer the same format but is mainly Music and Entertainment.

Key Points of Both Networks

The target audience is The 50 Plus, Visually Impaired, The Blind, The Disabled, and Veterans.

Our listeners are dedicated and loyal, 66 % are return customers who are wise decision-makers especially those who are consumers of  Health, Devices, Travel, Retirement, Financial services. But many are Active and Big Shoppers both locally and nationally who do tune in to both networks( 91 % of the programming on both networks is not heard locally on any other AM/FM or internet stream).

CGR Radio does offer programming from various networks such as Program Share from The International Association of Audio Information Services, National News from USA Radio Network, and MORE.

CGR Radio is Community focused as well by addressing local and civic issues that matter.

The rates are very affordable and you can reach a large audience that is reliable and has an excellent disposable income.

The Rates are 50 ads(up to 60 seconds) for 50 days for 50.00...yes 50.00 and you can do 50 in one network or split them 25 for each network for 25 days, so the VALUE is large exposure for both networks (contact for scheduling times and best reach).


You can tune in below to listen...I thank you!...(Also) Bulk Rates available for 50 or more ads...ask for details...(NO charge for Non-Profits). CGR Radio is a brand for the community. Both CGR and Northwest Audio Information Service are owned by Gerald Gaule, CGR operating or DBA(Northwest Audio Information Service) IS registered as a Sole Owner Business with The Washington State of  Revenue and The IRS.