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Community Growth Radio (CGR) offers News, Information, Community Programming that is very target-specific for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled, The 50 Plus, and Veterans by providing timely subjects from Health, Retirement, and Finance that affect the above-intended audience. Plus offering Old Time Radio, Nostalgia, Book-Magazine and Newspaper Readings. 

CGR Radio has 5 streams that operate 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day.


The streams do work but may be blocked by firewalls in public places or offices. CGR 1 is more information-driven and CGR 2 does offer the same format but is mainly Music and Entertainment and CGR 3-VetNet Radio mainly caters to those who are Veterans that are Blind, Visually Impaired,


and or Disabled and CGR Radio 4 which offers Entertainment through the word of Christ.

CGR 5 is the Christian-Spanish(Radio Moody)Format with Bible Teachings).


(please scroll down for the listen link of all stations). CGR 4 and 5 information and listen link is at the bottom.

Key Points of All Networks.

The target audience is The 50 Plus, the Visually Impaired, The Blind, The Disabled, and Veterans.

Our listeners are dedicated and loyal, especially those who are consumers of Health, Devices, Travel, Retirement, and Financial Services.

CGR Radio offers programming from various networks such as Program Share from The International Association of Audio Information Services, Pacifica Radio, TIC Radio, ACB Radio, and MORE.

GCR Radio is Community focused as well by addressing local and civic issues that matter, ALL stations offer News, Information, Educational, Community, and Entertainment.

GCR Radio is a brand for the community. Gerald Gaule owns both CGR and Northwest Audio Information Service.

CGR/N.W.A.I.S is self-supported and Listener-supported and does take free-will donations and all donations are non-tax-deductible and CGR Radio is NOT a non-profit but greatly welcomes(this helps with basic expenses to stay on the air).

Community Growth Radio, NWAIS, and related names are owned by Gerald Gaule in Vancouver Washington USA.

So if you know someone who is Blind, Visually Impaired, or someone who cannot hold or read print, is Disabled, 50 plus, and or a Veteran, please tell them that CGR Radio/N.W.A.I.S Radio is for them and FREE!... THANK YOU.

CGR/N.W.A.I.S Radio is legally recognized as a viable and reliable relevant audio/radio reading service that is very target-specific by The International Association of Audio Information Services.(PLEASE NOTE: Voscast for some reason is NOT allowing Chrome browsing to listen(their update...but please use FIREFOX...)sorry..I use FIREFOX..I am so sorry..


Legal part 15 transmitters for your church, club, non profit or social distancing for broadcasting legally(FCC)compliant for broadcasting.


Listeners who responded to a 2020 survey(1,100)persons between 54-82 years of age took a survey and say that they used CGR services to…

Be self-sufficient 82%

Be connected to the community 86%

Acquire News and Information 87%

Learning about things of interest 84.3 %

Staying Informed about community events 74.5%

Being an Informed Consumer 72.6%

Access Services 71.5%

One of our listeners says...“it was like reading a book again! I was thrilled! Absolutely thrilled. I’ve been blind for 7 years and it was just like I read a book!” – Jerry, Camas Wa.

Our Email is ccaisradio_at_gmail dot com

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